• Curriculum & Content Development

    We design programs based on client requirements and needs. Our clientele includes companies interested in developing training content for employees, home-based employees, teachers and organizations operating youth programs. We work with a network of program designers, subject-matter experts, illustrators, video production specialists, translators, and editors.

  • Education Technology

    We provide education technology solutions which leverage our deep understanding of the education field while building partnerships that ensure the delivery of high-quality products. Our experts work closely with parents and educators to distil valuable insights, allowing us to design experiences that are powerful yet user-friendly. We seek to continuously improve our products which aim to solve various challenges in the education realm.

  • Education Strategy and Advisory

    We are committed to being agents of change in the education & social development space for the societies we serve.

    Our team of experts provide strategic consulting, implementation support, industry research, awareness campaigns and feasibility study services to organizations focusing on developing human capital, social impact and education.

    We work with our clients operating in social development, pre-primary, K-12, vocational, higher-ed, career-ed, and life-long learning education. We serve a diverse clientele including nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, online training providers, curriculum developers, education quality assurance & standard setting agencies, ministries, advocacy bodies and industry investors.

    We work with our clients in whatever capacity that is most useful and for each engagement, we bring together the most relevant team expertise.

  • School Development

    We aim to offer schools with tailored services based on their needs to improve performance and student learning. Our services include: Website development, School image and promotion, curriculum review and development, Recruitment support, Financial planning, Curriculum mapping, Special education and inclusion support. Our team of local and international experts work with clients to ensure capacity building and improved school performance results.

    We also support current schools to improve their performance and assist investors to start new schools, to know more click here

  • Training and Capacity Building

    We aim at building professional learning communities through providing high-quality training programs delivered by professional local and international trainers. We build partnerships with world education institutions to provide accredited professional development programs. We also support private and public education institutions in building their training centers.