Basma Bushnak, M.A.

Basma is a co-founder of Emkan Education and the Managing Director of Training. She was the supervisor for schools under the “Mawhiba Schools Partnership Initiative” in the Western Region organized by the King Abdulaziz and his Men Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity (Mawhiba). Basma has previously worked as a T.A. at Dar Al Hekma University in the field of gifted education and then joined the Maharat Center to work as Gifted Education specialist. Basma has a Special Education, from Dar Al Hekma University, specializing in the field of the Gifted & Talented. She then obtained her M.A. in Curriculum & Assessment from the University of London, U.K. Basma continues to work with teachers, students, and mothers in the field of giftedness and creativity.


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